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Happy Anniversary..Birthday! February 2021 Part 1

Aloha HHC Fam!

February brings the sixth anniversary for Hella Handmade Creations!  Is it an anniversary or birthday?  I never know which to call it.)

Way back when, we started off as a group for holographic polishes which is still among our favorite lacquer finishes.  One of the reasons I find February so exciting is that it is one of the two months on the HHC calendar year where we crank up the giveaway machine within the Hella Handmade Creations Afterparty group and have some fun!  If you're not in our Hella Handmade Creations Facebook main group and our secondary HHC Afterparty group, please join.  We would love to have you!

Anniversary/Birthday Surprises

This year, we asked members to submit inspiration photos for the custom polishes.  Then, we let our creators choose three photos each for inspiration.  These beauties have now been revealed in our Afterparty group, and by the time this is posted, they will have names!  This is definitely a nod to our old format of how we used to do things in HHC, before we expanded past holo finishes.

For this year, we have asked two creators that we positively adore to join us for this very special event.  Let's talk about them for a minute.

First is Sarah from Bees Knees Lacquer!  BKL launched in September 2017 with a collection focused on Stephen King's IT.  From there, they've been happy to make all of the shiny and sparkly colors of lacquer for their fandoms, often pulling inspiration from books, video games, and their love of all things creepy.  Sarah did not disappoint with her HHC Sixth Anniversary creations.  (Don't forget!  They're available for ogling in the HHC Afterparty group!)

Our second creative craftsperson is Lindsay from Night Owl Lacquer!  Lindsay tells us she is encouraged and helped by her husband, Jesse.  They also have two cute little minions that help out here and there.  Lindsay has always had a creative side and making her own brand of polish was a way for her to express her creativity and share it with others.  Most of her polishes are inspired by things she loves or feels passionate about.  She hopes that people enjoy her polishes as much as she enjoys creating them.  (We do, Lindsay. We do.)  Lindsay has also conjured up her highest creativity levels for her HHC Sixth Anniversary creations.  (Again, they're available for ogling in the HHC Afterparty group!) 

Don't miss out on the festivities!

To be continued....



  • Aloha Carrie!

    Thank you for the kind birthday wishes!

    The birthday/anniversary polishes are only available for giveaway winners at this time. At some point in the future we may try and offer them for sale though.

    Many thanks for asking.

    Hella Handmade Creations
  • I don’t have Facebook but will these polishes be available soon? Happy Anniversary/ Birthday! I’m pretty new to purchasing from HHC but it has become something I look forward to every month


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