Our June Pre-Order Products will be available for purchase on June 14th at 12:01am Eastern Daylight Time through June 21st, 11:59pm Hawaiian Time.

FAQs and Shipping

Hella Handmade Creations is unable to accept returns, cancel orders and or process refunds for any beauty or bath products. 

What is a GWP? We're glad you asked! GWP is our Gift With Purchase that is offered each month within our preorder period when a minimum purchase amount is acquired.  The GWP changes monthly and is limited to one person per address per month.

Does HHC Combine Orders? HHC automatically combines any orders that have the following:

  • exact same name
  • exact same address
  • exact same email address

If your order does not have all of the above listed items we can still combine your order if you send a request to do so to HHCConsumerCare@gmail.com. Please include your name and the order numbers you would like combined. 

Does HHC refund shipping for combined orders? HHC does not offer a flat rate for shipping, our rates are calculated based off of the weight of your package. Once we combine all orders we do process refunds for shipping overages over $1.50. These refunds are processed manually and take some time, please allow at least 7 business days after the sale ends for shipping overage refunds to be completed. 

When should I expect my package to be shipped? Shipping for the monthly pre-orders is not expected to begin until a minimum of 4 weeks after the close of sales on the 21st of each month. Please note, that if you order on the first day of the sales, our TAT is not 4 weeks from the date you ordered, it's 4 weeks from the CLOSE of sales on the 21st. Below is a graphic to give an idea of what the process looks like.


When can I expect my package to be shipped if I used a code to combine shipping with previous or future orders (International Orders only please)? Some international are able to use a shipping code to combine orders. This   prolongs the length of time it takes to process and receive their order. It is always best to communicate with HHC via our email address before starting a HOLD of your orders.  When you are ready to have all your combined and held orders shipping,  again, please just let HHC know via email and we will ship out all your orders together when the final month's products arrive to HHC HQ. Codes for combining orders are only available for international shoppers in the International group.


When can I expect my package to be shipped if I participated in a group buy? Group buy orders are shipping out to the group buy coordinator with the same TAT as everyone else, 4 weeks after the close of sales on the 21st of each month. The package will reach your group buy coordinator and you will receive an email stating your package was delivered. Then your group buy coordinator with sort through the package, collect shipping funds from participants, and get your order ready to go out to you. Participating in a group buy order will prolong the length of time it takes for you to receive your order because there is an extra step from getting the products from HHC HQ to you.


Can I use a mule or third party shipper to ship my HHC order to? HHC will ship to the shipping address that you put on your order. If you receive an order from HHC through a third party that contains a damaged product we do require photos of the package and the damaged product be emailed to hhcconsumercare@gmail.com. Once we have all required documentation we can refund or send replacement(s) to the original third party address we shipped the package to. HHC is unable to replace or refund missing items when sent through a third party.


I live internationally. What do I do if my order hasn't updated since it left the US or it is stuck at customs? Once the package leaves the US, we cannot track it further. When shipping internationally, there are times when packages take a bit longer or get stuck at customs. All we can do is wait.

Due to changes in UK regulations we are not currently shipping to the United Kingdom. 

I live in the US. What do I do if my package shows it was delivered but I didn't receive it? When a package gets lost or scanned wrong by USPS there is nothing that we can do. We highly suggest going to your local post office and asking for assistance. If they claim the package is lost, there is a missing package form that you can fill out for USPS as well.

I received my order, but it is not accurate or missing an item.  With any HHC order, we do our best to pack and check to ensure that you receive exactly what you order.  Occasionally, mistakes happen in spite of our two step process.  If you have an inaccurate order, please email us complete with photos of the front of your mail packaging to HHCConsumerCare@gmail.com

I received my order, but there is a damaged (broken or leaky) item in my order.   If you receive your HHC order with a damaged product, we require photographs of the damaged products and the label of your order be emailed to HHCConsumerCare@gmail.com for our team.  If you suspect that your item is broken, take care and please do not endanger yourself for photos.  Clear photos of the outside of the packaging are fine.  If you have a product that you think is not correct please email us photos of the item you received. We will do our best to replace any defective items. In the event that we do have the item to replace, we will send the replacement item ASAP. We do not refund items we can replace.  

I purchased a polish from Hella Handmade Creations that has faded. If you have a faded polish that you purchased directly from HHC that is less than six months old and the brand is still in business and participating in HHC, please email HHCConsumerCare@gmail.com with photos of your polish and we can reach out to the owner.

Any questions other questions: we HIGHLY encourage customers to reach out to us directly via email at HHCConsumerCare@gmail.com . If you try to reach out via social media, sometimes your posts and/or messages get lost. Email is always the best and fastest way to get assistance.