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GERMANIKURE - Pediucure Bar - Dual Texture, Genuine Czech Crystal Glass Foot File in Suede Case

GERMANIKURE - Pediucure Bar - Dual Texture, Genuine Czech Crystal Glass Foot File in Suede Case

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This Germanikure crystal glass pedicure bar is handcrafted in the Czech Republic  from 5mm thick Bohemian glass that is specially formulated and tempered against breaking. Unlike other glass tools where the texture may eventually scrape or even peel off like a sticker the texture on this pedicure bar is chemically etched directly into the block of thick glass and is impossible to wear off. Chemical etching gently removes a portion of the surface of the glass leaving behind random yet evenly placed rounded peaks. As a result this file can actually be used either wet or dry in both directions.

Dual use
One side of the foot bar is formed in waves and ripples to add to the coarseness and more easily remove stubborn calluses. The opposite side is etched as well to make a fine flat filing surface providing an excellent smoothing action for finishing. This crystal glass pedicure bar isn't just for smoothing heels and removing calluses. The etched flat side makes it a good choice for filing and finishing toenails as well. The etched texture reduces the risk of nail bed cracking and delamination. Don't sand those nails seal them.

Hygienic and Sterilizable
Glass cleans up easily with simple soap and water and is durable enough to hold up to a chemical bath or steam sterilizer (up to 170 degrees Celsius).

Use Wet or Dry
The Germanikure glass pedicure bar works well both wet and dry as well as does a fantastic job of sealing and shaping natural nails SNS and acrylics. Whatever callus you want to remove and smooth or type of nail you want to file these glass files are strong and durable enough to do the job.

Unlike "lemon zester" type pedicure files that gouge and dig into the callused skin surface the crystal glass pedicure bar gently removes dead skin cells layer by layer without gouging. This minimizes the risk of damage to the living tissue underneath the callus. After filing with a crystal glass pedicure bar and examined at many times magnification the freshly filed surface is smooth and clean calluses that are filed with a "lemon zester" type surface have visible gouge lines and frayed bits of tissue.

Tough and Durable
Germanikure crystal glass pedicure bars are not as fragile as you might think. These callus files are crafted of 5mm thick authentic Bohemian glass which is chemically hardened and tempered to resist breaking. This special glass treatment not only enhances the clarity and sparkle of the glass but also adds resiliency. While breakage is possible with all glass dropping a GERmanikure crystal glass pedicure bar from a short distance (such as counter height to floor) will in most cases not break it.

Suede Protective Case
Even though this thick bohemian glass pedicure bar is crafted of the finest hardened Czech glass and designed to last for decades Germanikure goes a step further. This file comes complete with a custom fitted suede sleeve to provide additional protection. Suede is naturally cushioning and dehumidifying. The case will prevent damage to the file when it is not in use as well as additional shock absorption in case the file is accidentally dropped when not in use.

Patented Authenticity
This heirloom quality pedicure bar is produced under patent in the Czech Republic. Look for the authentic holographic label containing a serial number alongside the word "Patented" on every file.

Why Germanikure?  HHC is proud to offer Germanikure products for many reasons.

 Germanikure products are artisan made.
They do not employ child labor. 

Highly skilled handwork makes their products functionally superior and life lasting.

They produce sustainable, earth conscious products with minimal packaging (However, HHC does provide extra packaging protection since your purchase may be included with other items that could potentially cause damage during shipment.) 

Their products are designed and produced with longevity in mind. They believe in long tool life healthful living and good environmental stewardship.  Planned obsolescence of Germanikure products is not a part of their company philosophy.

Germanikure products are ethically handmade in the Czech Republic. 

They are hand crafted and inspected for quality by fairly paid adult artisans.

Their glass files are shaped by hand.

GERMANIKURE crystal glass files are hand crafted from 3mm thick Bohemian glass. 

The texture is permanently etched directly into the glass and never wears off.
Use it wet or dry on natural nails as well as acrylics.

File both directions without causing microscopic frays and gouges.

Friendly reminder:  These precision manicure products are made of glass.  Germanikure makes their nail files 3mm thick (unlike 2mm alternatives) and chemically tempered to help protect against breakage.  The cuticle stick was created with pointed tip super fine to allow for detailed work in the tiniest spaces so use with care.   But remember, these products are FRAGILE and requires extra TLC, just like a favorite wine glass. 

 PLEASE NOTE: If you order this product with a pre-order product, they are not expected to be shipped out until 4 weeks after that pre-order ends.