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Here Comes March! March 2021 Part One

Aloha HHC Fam!

February came and went so quickly that I am behind in my March posting.  The days of Hawaiian winter are nearly gone and that makes me sad.  Hawaiian winter, you say?!?  Yes.  We have what we call "Hawaiian winter."  Because of our varied topography, there are many different climates on Oahu.  Down in the plains where we live, it can get in the high fifties late at night.  For someone that is used to temperatures in the mid eighties most of the year, this is cold!   After so many years of living here, I would say we are definitely used to the warm climate.  Around once a month, my husband and I drive over to a beautiful place called Ko'Olina (pictured above) where we like to watch the sunset .  We decided to go last Sunday and we were talking mad smack about preparedness;  taking hoodies, chairs, and drinks.  We said we were going to stay awhile after sunset because that was when the sky has the most brilliant colors.  The moon was supposed to be full and we wanted to see celestial glory this special night.  When we got there we realized we were not ready for the wind.  It was kicking with such a force!!  If you did not weigh down your belongings, they would blow away.  We did not last ten minutes after the sunset!  We were too cold!  I do love Hawaiian winter though, and I am always sad to see it go.  My sincerest wish is that "real" winter, wherever you are, has not been too rough on you.

Welcome to the HHC Fam!

This month, we are thrilled to have two new creators to HHC.   Let's get right into talking about them.

First up, we have Atomic Polish!  Atomic Polish falls into the category (for me) of one of those brands that just grabs your attention right from the start.  Having said that, it should be no surprise that we are beyond thrilled to have her join the HHC fam.  Her creativity and knack for producing polishes that literally make you gasp is unparalleled.

Stacey tells us that Atomic Polish is based out of the Twin Cities, MN, and originally launched in 2019.  They offer nail polish with a chemistry flare as well as handmade bath and beauty products. 

Stacey is using the Mistborn book series for inspiration. First, we have "Harmony", which is a very dark navy blue with color shifting shimmer in purple to pink/red and holographic pigment.

This polish will make ya feel things.  I am not kidding.

If you want to see more, have a look here... https://tinyurl.com/33kd27a6

Next up!

Next, I am proud and happy to have Nail Artisan Cosmetics from the UK joining our team!   Alexandra from Nail Artisan Cosmetics has been in the indie community a long time.  I checked back in my messages and we were chatting as far back as 2015!  She has adapted and grown from starting out as stockist to a nail polish creator and a creative soap maker, all the while maintaining her store.  We have cheered each other on and we have learned to create soap and polish over the past two years.  I am pleased as punch that she is now a part of our HHC family. 

I asked Alexandra to describe her creative journey for me and she said this: "My story starts with me working as a corporate events organizer for various companies. A few years in, motherhood came about, and during my maternity leave, I decided to qualify as a nail technician. This sparked my love for all things nail art! After 16 years in the events industry, I was made redundant, but with a hobby I loved and an idea in mind, I took a chance. And so, Nail-Artisan was born! Selling stamping plates, polishes, nail art, etc. During the 7 years of running my shop, I've spent the last 5 years exploring all kinds of nail polish finishes. In March 2019, Nail Artisan Cosmetics was created. Offering a variety of nail polishes and cuticle oils, with plenty more to come, like handmade soap bars and liquid soap."

Alexandra has decided to choose Star Wars as her inspiration for her series.
Her first entry is inspired by the cutest force user in all the galaxy, "The Little Green One". It captures all of the shades of The Child in one mystical, multi-chrome polish. Shifting from bright emerald greens to rich antique golds, this polish will have you eager to explore the stars.

For all the deets on this beauty, have a look here.. https://tinyurl.com/drd7wjc

Next up, March admin picks...

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