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It's almost time! Tick Tick Tick... February 2021 Part Three

First off, I need to begin with an apology.   I made a cardinal error when writing up my initial blog post for part two of the February blog.  I wrote up the entire post and then lost it.  POOF.  I was so mad at myself because I did not take any precautions to prevent this.  When I rewrote the post, I left out someone very important that is returning to HHC this month!

Carolina of Colores De Carol was initially in HHC when we used our older format. We are delighted to have her back in Hella Handmade Creations again!  Colores de Carol was a pleasure to work with the first time she was in HHC and I am sure she will be again. 

Carolina has chosen to use Spiderman has her inspiration for her initial theme.  She has knocked the first of her installments out of the web with this beauty appropriately named, "Webhead."

Monthly Customs

As we are getting ready for launch, I want to focus on some of the new February customs.  One of the things that I am particularly proud of with HHC is that we have a carefully curated group of extremely talented creators.  I am always delighted with the beautifully crafted items that come through each month. Even though I gravitate towards specific finishes (Hello?  HOLO!) and colors, I am very proud of the fact that I believe we offer something (maybe many somethings, if you're like me) for everyone.  

While I have so much in common with my HHC admin family, I thought it might be fun to ask them to choose one polish this month as their favorite to see how our tastes differed.  It started with an impromptu message in our chat asking what their favorite was, and then asking that they choose something different if someone else had already mentioned their first one.   Many times this month they had spoken about how good the selections were.  I was trying to get a good variety of those selections without repeats of the same ones.   I also did not tell them that their choices were going to be a part of this blog post.  Whoops.

Here is what they came up with in order of who got to choose first:

The first admin that responded chose Bees Knees - Ghost Bros.  "Ghost Bros" is inspired by Zac and Aaron's relationship.  It is a sheer mauve-y pink full of orange to green shimmer.  This admin does have a little advantage because she is able to see any samples that come to HHC headquarters first.  With this photo, you can see why she chose it.  It's demure but captivating. 

The second admin that responded chose Great Lakes Lacquer's "Love is Brightest in the Dark."  Love is Brightest in the Dark is a black to red to orange to gold mega holo.
It subtly screams for attention.  Trust me, this one has my holo heart's attention.  While I do not watch The Last Airbender (her inspiration), I have to wonder, is this a line from the show?  I am curious because Mariah, the creator behind Great Lakes Lacquer seems to come up with the most poetic names for her polishes.  This is the perfect name for this gorgeous shifty holo.


The third admin to respond to my not so scientific poll chose Femme Fatale's "Blackberry Fudge."  I have never had Blackberry Fudge so I admit to being curious about what it might taste like.  Just last night, I was watching "The Greatest British Baking Show's Master Class."  They made a Licorice and Currant Filled Sponge cake.  Sometimes things that seem like they should not go together work out beautifully. 

Blackberry Fudge" is an odd sheer base (warm) with violet overlay that transitions to a ivory/brown when cold - it's more like a soft brown with a yellow tint. Depending on how cool your weather is, it may sit in an ivory shade or transition to a brown when really cold. It's filled with purple plum glitters in assorted sizes!  By contrast, everything about this polish goes together well.  Everything.

The next person who responded, I do not mind "outing" with regards to my poll.  My business partner Aubrey, who is busy with her second baby, managed to sneak in and give me her favorite.  She chose, Girly Bits "Midnight Sun."  Midnight Sun is inspired by a photo from the Yukon, Canada, where there is twenty four hours of daylight from June through September. It is a deep blurple base with a red to gold shift, and orange/pink/violet/gold shifting iridescent flakes.  This polish is a vampy, lusty beauty that I hope you have placed on your "must have" list.  Pam, from Girly Bits, is stirring a wanderlust in me to visit Canada with this series.  Have you ever been? 

The final admin chose By Vanessa Molina's "Apple Bloom."  "Apple Bloom" is a pink jelly base with mix bomb bombs iridescent flakes, UCC flakes, glitters, galaxy gold, and scattered holographic pigment.  I know why this captured her attention without even asking.  While most of North America seems to be shoveling snow right now, this lacquer is a bright spot of radiance in the middle of winter.  Behold!

Gift with Purchase Note. This month, we have come full circle with the Gift With Purchase item that started it all! "Wiki Wiki" was our first gift with purchase item back in the fall of 2019. It has returned! Wiki Wiki Top coat is a quick dry, non yellowing, chip resistant formula. Wiki wiki is a Hawaiian term that means fast, quick. “Wiki Wiki Quick Dry Top Coat” will be added to any HHC order of $75 or more made between the dates of 2/14/21 and 2/21/21.

As a final note, we have two polishes in the returning section this month that I have been holding on to for a special occasion.  I believe that our sixth birthday/anniversary is just that occasion.  While Anonymous Lacquer has not produced any new lacquers recently (we wish she would return!), we managed to obtain these awhile back.  They are nods to our beginnings when Anonymous Lacquer was one of two creators that we first hosted in HHC six years ago in April.  Both are bright beautiful holos that are very limited.  I hope you can snag one for yourself!

I have not chosen my favorite item for the month.  Did you notice?  The reason is, I could not do what I asked of our team.  ONE?!?!  As mentioned, from the moment the photos started rolling in, I have heard several times in our admin chat just how 
good the offerings are this month.  I could not agree more.  I love the Black Dahlia, the Esmaltes de Kelly, the Shlee, the Wildflower, the Nailed It Hawaii, the LynB and all the ones mentioned above. It's so hard to narrow down the list for me.  I hope you love everything too.  HHC wishes you a happy shopping experience this February.

Do tell, what were your favorite items this month?  Can you choose just one?

~Dawn, HHC

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