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"Maui Strong" - Kokua (Help) for Maui

"Maui Strong" - Kokua (Help) for Maui

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The Hawaiian word means cruel sun.  Lahaina is known for its sunny dry climate. 

In the 1800's, Lahaina was a fishing and whaling because of it's proximity to the the migration routes of whales.  There is much history in Lahaina.  It was the first capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii once the islands were brought together under King Kamehameha I.

Before this week,  present day Maui and Lahaina was a place that approximately two million people visited each year.  Full of history, art, natural beauty. Hawaii's largest banyan tree is in the center of town and recently celebrated it's 150th birthday.

Today, our hearts are heavy with the losses that keep mounting.  In order to show our support and hope for the future, we have added this donation button.  100% of the money collected here will go to:


 We thank you for your support in helping us support Maui.